For many reasons children find being able to form neat and writing difficult.

This may be because they need to strengths their muscles in their fingers, hands and shoulders. Click on the purple button to find a list of suggestions about how to help develop handwriting for children by developing their muscles.

Different media to practise handwriting.

Try writing in;



Cornflour mixed with water

Paint - on plastic surface ands finger

Brushes small and large with water

Sand or rice in a tray

Yoghurt or custard in a tray

Shaving cream

You chalk and your child writes over with a wet sponge



Pens and pencils of different thicknesses

Letter formation

In school we use Kinetic Letters and Nelson Handwriting to support and develop the children's handwriting skills.

The children are helped by Brave Monkey and Scared Monkey who help them to learn where to start each letter. 

Our letters are split into handwriting families. Click on the buttons below to watch a film about how to form the letters in that family.

Abracadabra Family a, c, d, d, q o, s 

Slider Family k, v, x, w, z

Fisher Family y, f, j, g

Window Cleaner Family l, t, i u

Jumper Family h, b, r, n, m, p

Special Squirter e

All letters on lined paper