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SEND & Inclusion
Special Educational Needs & Disabilities

Welcome to our SEND & Inclusion page!

At Bromley Pensnett, we make sure that all of our children have access to the same opportunities as everyone else to learn, develop and to reach their potential.

Your Inclusion Manager is Mrs Sampson.


There are 4 main areas of need that we support in school (see the green, red, orange and blue buttons below to learn more about these needs)

Click on any of the coloured buttons to find out about some of the ways we are helping (and how you can help) your children to have great outcomes and make good progress:

We use Welcomm in Early Years to assess our children's speech language & communication needs. We also work closely with the Speech & Language Therapy Service

In Reception, we use the 'Get Talking' Programme which also helps to identify and address any speech & language needs early on.

We work closely with the Educational Psychology Service, Paediatricians, CAMHS and Sycamore Outreach Service to support our children with social, emotional and mental health needs

Speak to the SENDCO, your GP or your child's teacher if you are concerned about your child's mental health. We can explore your concerns and seek further support if necessary.

The Learning Support Service & our Educational Psychologist support us to assess and set suitable targets for our children

Bamboo Ladder

We also use learning ladders to record a child's progress through their curriculum.

However, Great Teaching will address most of our children's learning needs, without any further intervention in school.

4 Sensory & Physical

We work closely with Health specialists across the region to make the best provision for all of our children. We ensure that all children can access all areas of the curriculum.

If you are concerned about any physical delays or challenges your child may be experiencing, please contact Mrs Sampson who will support you to access the correct services or work closely with the teaching staff to facilitate physical and emotional support throughout the day.

Other Learning

In school, we run special interventions such as Precision Teaching and Colourful Semantics to help children acquire basic skills.

We also run booster groups and extra Phonics.

To support your child's progress in Phonics, click on the button below:

SEND Policy

SEND Information Report

And read, read, read....

Education, Health & Care Plans

Thanks to Special Needs Jungle, the following charts explain the whole statutory assessment process. You can also find a flowchart in the SEND Code of Practice 2015.

An EHCP is only for children with significant needs that prevent them from making progress, in spite of  appropriate interventions over time and a graduated approach. Most children can make progress with SEN Support.

Your Local Offer

Click below to find out what is available to you and your child in the local area

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