Reception Phonics

Blending and segmenting

One of the most important parts of phase two phonics, is being able to segment and blend simple words. When children are able to confidently segment and blend words, this enables to access reading in a much more fluent way.

Segmenting - breaking a word down into individual sounds (c-a-t)

Blending - putting the individual sounds in a word together to say the full word (c-a-t, then becomes cat).

Common Exception Words

Within phase two, there are six common exception words that children are expected to learn by the end of phase two. Common exception words are words that we use very often in our language, but cannot use phonics to read. The phase two common exception words are:

I       no      go      to     into     the

There are a few more common exception words in phase three. These are;

me      he     she      we      be      you      are 

my      they      was     her       all