I like it when we count down to Blast Off!


Why I like maths

I like maths because I like the challenges we do in school and I like using the equipment in maths.

Steven, Year 3

I love maths beacuse I like addition and subtraction and doing teamwork with a partner.

Lucas, Year 3.

I like when we do a counting song for our Nursery Rhyme of the week.


I love maths because it's fun finding out the answers to problems.

                 Year 6

I like maths because it helps me know how to add, subtract, divide and times. It also helps me to learn my number bonds.

                       Jayden, Year 4

I like to use the equipment to help me.

   Ellamai, Year 2

What I like about maths is how they are very challenging and hard. I like the way we have Bronze, Silver, Gold and Fluency, Reasoning and problem Solving.

                    Year 5

I like it because you can show our working out and use Base Ten and counters to help you. 

Taylah, Year 3

I love to push myself and learn different methods.

Oliver, Year 4

I love maths because it can be easy but also challenging at the same time. It's one of the best subjects in school because it's very enjoyable and it teaches me new things.

                  Layla, Year 4

Maths is fun. I like that I can get to gold if I understand my work. 

    Mailey, Year 2

I like maths because sometimes its easy, sometimes its hard, the best bit about maths is addition and times also bar models.

              Year 5

I love maths because there is always a little bit of fun and there's always something new to learn.

                Year 6